Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fish in a Tree Book Vine

Want to get to know the star of Lynda Mullaly Hunt's newest novel, Fish in a Tree?
Meet Ally Nickerson: 
Disruptive, disagreeable, uncooperative, low-achieving, at-risk, trouble-maker...

What's that?
You've met one or two students with these characteristics yourself?

Maybe, but...

Is that really who Ally is?
Or, is she hiding beneath this persona to compensate for something or avoid exposing her real self?

And what about your students, the ones that came to mind? What are they compensating for or avoiding exposure of?

And what happens when Mr. Daniels enters Ally's world, challenging her with his unpredictable acceptance and tenacity in helping increase her self-acceptance? What happens when that one person is unfaltering in helping Ally see that great minds don't all think alike?

Ally's eyes are opened up to all that is IMPOSSIBLE.

Fish in a Tree is the much anticipated second novel by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, author of the incredibly popular One for the Murphys, and I have a copy to share!

You can get to know Ally (and Mr. Daniels) yourself by climbing inside the pages of an Advanced Reading Copy of Fish in a Tree from Lynda Mullaly Hunt and Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin. I am so excited to be able to facilitate a "book vine" with this ARC, which won't be published until February, 2015!

The idea behind a book vine is simple: by reading the book, commenting/reflecting, and passing it on to the next reader, and having online discussions, we'll build a virtual reading community. 
Our reading experiences connect us. Earlier this summer, I had a taste of what it was like to read a much anticipated book after other readers. (See more about Brown Girl Dreaming in this post.) The experience was only enhanced by their marks, notes, and flagged passages. 

As a Fish in a Tree book vine participant, you'll be asked to:

  • Fill out this short, private Google form that provides me with your name and address. I will only share your address with the person on the vine before you so they can mail the book when finished.
  • Read Fish in a Tree when it arrives. Make small marks or post-it note one or two passages that you gave attention to or revisited. Sign these with your initials (optional). Sign your name and location to the inside front cover (not optional).
  • Write. Post a blog and/or come back to this page to leave a comment or reflection about your experience with Fish in a Tree. I'll create a link-up or jog with all of the blog links so that we can keep the conversation going about Fish in a Tree with others from our book vine.
  • Pass the book on. When you get Fish in a Tree, I'll send you the address of the next person on the vine so you'll be able to mail the book directly to them. After all, the idea is to open the community as wide as possible!
How's that sound?
Welcome to the community!

NOW ADDED: You can join in the Fish in a Tree Book Vine conversation by reading what participants are posting! Follow linked names below to see where the book has traveled and what readers have to say.

Katie (Michigan)
Jen (New Jersey)
Laura (Washington)
Sandy (Minnesota)
Marty (Massachusetts)
Kate (Maine)
Katie (Maine)
Sarah (New York)
Amy (Wisconsin)


  1. This is awesome--and so are you, Melissa! Thanks tons. xoxo

  2. The book has started it's trek! Off to the first reader (after me) in Michigan. Stay tuned!

  3. Thank you, Melissa. Hope that reader enjoys it :-)

  4. Thanks for letting me be a part of the bookvine!

  5. So happy to have had the chance to read this book.