Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Bat and the End of Everything Blog Tour

*sigh* Endings. I don't like 'em.

I've always been teary over the last day of school at the end of the year.
I dread having to leave some place at the end of a trip.
I often struggle with goodbyes at the end of  a visit. (I'm getting better...with practice.)
I wish my favorite books would go on and on and on.

I just really don't like endings. Maybe it's the feeling of finality, or the void left by something that grew comfortable, or the uncertainty of what comes next. Maybe you relate?

I can't help but think that all these feelings are true for Bixby Alexander Tam--lovingly referred to as Bat--in Bat and the End of Everything. (I mean, consider that: the end of EVERYTHING?) The uncertainty of summer and all the change it brings are overwhelming to think about. As third grade ends, Bat will say goodbye to his teacher and Babycakes (the class pet) and wish Israel (his best and closest friend) a happy summer spent in Canada. And, perhaps the biggest anticipation of all is that Bat is quickly nearing the day when he'll have to return his temporary pet skunk Thor to the wild.

How will Bat part with Thor?

How will we part with Bat?

Bat and the End of Everything wraps up this chapter book trilogy in a way that assures the end can turn out to be ok. Elana K. Arnold continues to craft Bat's story in a way that illustrates the complexities of processing natural, big, mixed up emotions that come with change and transitions--both those that are anticipated and some that come by surprise--while still maintaining humor and sincerity in her portrayal of Bat's reality. Bat builds trust that even through uncertainty, the presence and support of loved ones can steady those feelings and help Bat (and our readers...and us) bravely face what's next.

Bat and the End of Everything is a satisfying end to readers' journey with Bat. What a gift Elana K. Arnold has given readers with Bat's story and friendship.

Summary, from Walden Pond Press:
Bixby Alexander Tam (nicknamed Bat) has been the caretaker for Thor, the best skunk kit int he world...but the last day of third grade is quickly approaching, and Thor is almost ready to be released into the wild. The end of school also means that Bat has to say good-bye to his favorite teacher, and he worries about the summer care of Babycakes, their adorable class pet. Not only that, but his best friend is leaving for a long vacation in Candad. Summer promises good things, too, like working with his mom at the vet clinic and hanging out with his sister, Janie, but Bat can’t help but feel that everything is coming to an end. National Book Award finalist Elana K. Arnold returns with the third story starring an unforgettable boy on the autism spectrum.
By Elana K. Arnold
Published by Walden Pond Press, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780062798442

About the Author:
Elana K. Arnold grew up in Southern California, where she was lucky enough to have her own perfect pet—a gorgeous mare named Rainbow—and a family who let her read as many books as she wanted. She is the author of picture books, middle grade novels, and books for teens, including Damsel a Michael Printz Honor Book, and What Girls are Made of, a finalist for the National Book Award. She lives in Huntington Beach, California, with her husband, two children, and a menagerie of animals. You can find her online at

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